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About Us

Technical director, Ewen Fraser translates clients’ ideas into robust, efficient, practical solutions. With over 20 years experience in Electronics Design, he addresses requirements for reliability, safety, hardware/software interactions, prototyping, documentation, ease of manufacture and testing, regulatory testing ... in short, all of the problems that you probably haven't thought about.

Our clients range from local individuals through to large multinational companies, with most sitting somewhere between. Most of our consultancy business comes from repeat business and direct referrals from existing satisfied customers.

Our clients and products include:

Dynamic Controls, ChCh, NZ (powered wheelchair and scooter controllers)

WhisperTech,  Spain, formerly ChCh ( Stirling engine control, electricity metering)

CleanEnergyProspector, UK (energy metering)

Commtest Instruments, ChCh, NZ (dataloggers, vibration analyser)

Movement Metrics Ltd, Hamilton, NZ (Spineangel medical device)

Frizzell Ltd, Canterbury, NZ (wireless soil logger, irrigator speed controller)

Manatronics, Brisbane, Australia (battery monitoring software)

Teledyne Battery Products, USA (aircraft battery datalogger) 

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ArchEng Designs Ltd is a registered Microchip Design Partner.

We specialise in Microchip PIC CPUs and semiconductors but have expertise in a wide range of other micro-controllers, particularly Atmel AVR, TI MSP430, Renesas M16Cxx, Freescale, many 8051 devices, Samsung ARM9 & Analog Devices DSP.