ArchEng Designs Ltd

Innovative Electronics Hardware & Software Designs

Our Services 


  • Requirements documentation (what you want, why, how and when)
  • Technical specification (the engineered solution we will deliver)
  • Electronics hardware design
  • Embedded software design (assembly or C)
  • PC Windows(R) software (C)
  • Build and test prototypes
  • Design production test plan & jigs
  • Consulting
  • Software reviews and bug finding

In addition we are happy to arrange and manage 3rd party services:

  • PCB artwork design
  • PCB manufacture
  • PCB assembly and testing
  • Regulatory testing for EMC compliance

We will always be happy to discuss your ideas and give advice.

If we are not completely confident that we can deliver what you ask, either because we are too busy or because we don't have particular expertise, then we will tell you and we may be able to recommend someone else.

We will not always be the right match for you but we take pride in giving free but helpful advice to many potential clients.


Please contact us for more information. Be prepared to be delighted!